The beginner’s guide to Barre class

Looking to join a barre class but aren’t sure what to expect? This beginner’s guide to barre class will break it down for you so that you don’t walk out of that first barre class thinking, “Wtf just happened?!”.

What’s barre?

Barre (pronounced as bar) classes can vary from studio to instructor but one thing remains consistent – it builds strength, conditions the body, and is a whole lot of fun. The word barre refers to a stabilising prop that’s used to balance in a ballet practice warm-up. Here is where ballet dancers will do their pliés, relevé, rond de jambe just to name a few.

Ladies at a ballet barre

Many barre classes you’ll come across these days are very different from what you’d find at a ballet studio. Barre workout classes, including the barre classes taught by The Feel Good Space, incorporate moves and techniques inspired by ballet, yoga, and pilates with light handheld weights. You could say barre workout classes today are hybrids.

What happens at a barre class?

What doesn’t happen at a barre class! A typical barre class with Michelle from The Feel Good Space often begins with a gentle warm-up that is sequenced to wake up your entire body. You’ll move and stretch slowly and are encouraged to take the time to explore parts of the body that’re feeling a little stiff from sitting all day. 

Then the routine moves on to a dynamic and invigorating workout moving through routines focused on your upper body targeting the triceps, biceps, back and shoulders, core, lower body targeting the glutes, quadriceps, adductors, and calves, and more core. These exercises include using light handheld weights, and sometimes a yoga block or pilates ball.

Expect small movements with high-repetition in every exercise routine (which explains the light handheld weights). 

A barre class typical ends with a cooling down stretch where you’ll go through a series of stretches to support muscle recovery

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How long are barre classes?

Classes can range anywhere from 20 minutes to a full hour, depending on where you are practicing. A 45-minutes to an hour long class usually incorporates a full body workout, whereas a 20 to 30 minutes class focuses primarily on specific areas of the body such as upper body and core, or lower body and core. 

What to wear to a barre class?

Any activewear makes great attire for a barre class! Something stretchy like leggings or runner shorts with leggings attached (so it maintains your modesty in your nether regions), along with a supportive sports bra, tank top are all appropriate items to wear. Some studios encourage you to wear grippy socks but many studios do not require you to have them either – ultimately that’s the only type of ‘footwear’ you’ll need.

Looking for a barre class in Adelaide?

Join us in-studio at Peak Wellbeing, every Thursday evening from 6:15pm to 7:00pm. Class prices start from $16.

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